Take the stress out of crisis management
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The hospitality and entertainment sector survived some of the biggest challenges that came out of 2020 and Covid-19. Messages about recovery and survival have focused on resilience and creativity, but the impact of living with this long-term stress is not always acknowledged.

We believe that to best prepare for the road ahead, mental wellbeing needs to be a clear priority – and we know that when people are supported, the business benefits. And 2022 is no better time to ease the strain being felt by people across every area of the business.

But how do businesses know they need help, and where can they go to find it?

Our mental wellbeing expert Craig Fearn is here to help. We launched a new service during the first UK wide lockdown to provide stress, wellbeing and anxiety mentoring in small blocks that could be budgeted for by management and accessed confidentially by staff.

Mentoring this way has proved so popular that this is a key part of our new business model at Lighthouse Mentoring.

Stress isn’t confined to a 9-5 day, even if it is triggered by a workplace situation or environment. But when people are given the tools to manage stress or anxiety, behaviour patterns change and positive results can be seen in as little as 5 days.

As a recognised expert in stress management, Craig has developed wellbeing programmes created for two sectors that operate with sustained stress levels – entertainment and hospitality. Piloted in 2019, they have been  embraced by businesses from Cornwall to California. The global pandemic added another level of stress to an industry tight as a coiled spring – but which is too dynamic for a one-size-fits-all solution.

“Our ethos is that everyone is entitled to good mental wellbeing. So as well as providing strategies to achieve this 1:1, we help businesses understand how good staff mental wellbeing benefits the bottom line. We help businesses to nurture and safeguard their best asset – their people because, after all, we spend a third of our lives at work.

Our Work It Well programmes are available for business leaders, their teams and are as effective at supporting micro-busineses as large corporates.

How can we help you? We know that when wellbeing comes first, your team and your business thrive.


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